Terms & Conditions

Services That Are NOT Offered

Home Cleaning does not include:

  • making beds
  • doing dishes
  • doing laundry


Getting An Estimate

For those in a rush, you can fill out our online estimate form. We will get back to you with a very close price for the requested job.

But the only way to get an accurate assessment of cleaning costs is to schedule an in-person estimate.

Each home and business are different, and the cost is not that dependent on square footage.

Other factors include: time between each cleaning, traffic & usage, presence of pets or children, the furniture arrangement within the space, flooring type, and the level of current mess.

We can definitely return your area into a pristine state! But if it is very messy and cluttered, of course, the job will involve more time (and higher cost).


Pricing & Cleaning Duration

Prices are given per cleaner.

Typically a job involves two cleaners.

So if we quote you for an hour of work, that means you will have two cleaners come and work for 30 minutes (which comes to one hour of total cleaning for all people).

Multiple cleaners get the job done faster (for more flexibility in your schedule), and will allow each cleaner to focus on a deep-clean of their task.


Changing Your Cleaning List

When the cleaners arrive they will have a list of what should be cleaned.

If you need to add to or change that list, please contact our office ahead of time.

Cleaners cannot take extra tasks on the job, because they may have another scheduled cleaning right after yours. It is very important to call the office (204-772-4882) to discuss changes.

Most times the owner Eva or his partner Binh will be on-site. You can talk to Eva or Binh about extras that you may need.


Booking Times & Emergencies

Ideally, we prefer you to book a week in advance to get the best time and price for your job.

But we can clean on very short notice (sometimes the same day), and are available for work during the day or night.

If you are a realtor and need an empty house cleaned, we can usually come within one day.

If you are a homeowner or business with an emergency, just give us a call. We can try to fit you in.

Please note that weekend cleaning is slightly more expensive than weekday cleaning.


Cancellations / Reschedules / Access

You would not like it if we agreed to clean and then didn’t show up, so please don’t book a cleaning and then cancel or fail to give us access.

But we understand that sometimes you will have to reschedule a cleaning.

We appreciate at least 1 hour notice if you need to reschedule.

While we do not demand deposits, and have no official cancellation policy, just understand that we need to pay our cleaners for their time, even if they have to drive to your home or office and do not end up cleaning.

It is your responsibility to make sure we can access your premises (either with a key, a door code, or someone to let us in).

Access failure will be treated as a cancellation.

Repeated cancellation will result in instant and perpetual termination of service.



Before the cleaning you will get a quote.

You can pay by cash, cheque, Interac e-transfer, or Paypal/credit card online.

Most clients leave cash or cheques at the premises.

Otherwise, we will send you an invoice after the cleaning, and expect payment within 3 business days.



You will get a full quote before the cleaning. But if you want to tip your cleaners extra when they are on-site, you are free to do so.

Tips are not required, and are not shared among the company. So if you choose to tip, the cleaner who receives the tip will be able to keep 100% of it.

Tips may be received for services that were agreed upon before the cleaner arrived. If you need extra services, please contact the office to receive a revised quote.