It's All About ...

Your Family

Every year there are over five million household poisonings that are reported. Many of those poisonings are fatal, and most of the victims are children. These poisonings are the result of accidental ingestion of household substances commonly found in just about every home. Where do you keep the cleaning supplies? Are they under the sink? Are they accessible to your children?

Children spend much of their time on the floor, where allergens, such as dust, and heavier-than-air chemicals settle and collect. We all know that this is a time of discovery for little ones and everything goes in the mouth.

When you choose environmentally friendly products to clean your home, your family can breathe easier and will be safer.

Your Health

We can all enjoy living in and cleaning our homes without toxins by using natural cleaning products. They only cost a little more then non-natural products and positively affect areas where we live. There are essential and major health benefits for those who use natural cleaning products since they have less exposure to the toxins and health hazards posed by using commercial non-natural household cleaners.

At Fresh & Green Cleaning Company we only use products containing naturally sourced ingredients which are often plant based extracts or minerals. Most natural cleaners are odor free or are naturally scented by the ingredients (IE: citrus oil) present in the product.

Your Pets

Fresh & Green Cleaning Company believes that pets are an important part of your family. Using eco-friendly products in your home helps ensure your pets have a long and healthy life.

Your Planet

You may know that using natural cleaning products and natural household cleaners is safer both for you and the environment.

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) research, the air inside the typical home in on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air just outside its walls. For the most part, indoor air pollution is created by the use of toxic chemical products like household cleaners. An EPA report stated that indoor air pollution is one of the nation’s most important environment health problems.

You can feel good knowing that Fresh & Green Cleaning Company uses only organic, natural, biodegradable, pet and child friendly products that are safe for the environment. When you choose us you can sleep easier knowing that you are doing your part for family and our earth.

Your Time

Your time is important.  Whether it’s to do something for yourself, your family, or your business, having Fresh & Green Cleaning Company take care of household and office cleaning tasks allows you to make more rewarding choices with your time.