Satisfied Clients All Over Winnipeg Since 2007

Since we have started, every cleaning job has been attended by our owner Eva, or his partner Binh.

Cleaning is a very personal service that demands a high level of trust and a strong long-term relationship.

That is why the owners supervise every single cleaning.

Beyond that, we have our staff focus on five areas of excellence for our clients:

Your Loved Ones

Every year there are over five million reported household poisonings, and most of the victims are children. These are the result of accidental ingestion of cleaning products commonly found in just about every home.

Children spend much of their time on the floor, where dust and chemicals settle. This is discovery time for little ones, and everything goes in the mouth.

When environmentally-friendly products are used, your family can breathe easier and will be safer.

Your Health

We all benefit from natural cleaning products.

The tiny extra cost is offset by the huge health benefits, as well as the avoidance of toxins and health hazards posed by using commercial cleaners.

We only use products containing naturally sourced ingredients which are mainly plant-based extracts or minerals.

Most natural cleaners are odor-free or are organically scented by the ingredients (like citrus oil).

Your Pets

Cleaning can impact pets in a massively positive or horribly negative way.

We will remove grime and dust that cause pet health complications, while using products that do not irritate or poison the four-legged members of your family.

Your Planet

Less toxins, less problems, less waste, and less landfills.

According to EPA research, the air inside the typical home is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside its walls. And most indoor air pollution is from the use of toxic chemical products like household cleaners.

You can feel good knowing that a healthier and cleaner job also contributes to a greener planet.

Your Time

Cleaning time is not the hours you spend tidying up. It’s also the time you spend thinking about and planning to clean.

Fresh & Clean saves you all that time, plus it makes you more effective at home and the office.

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