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Born from a passion in customer service and the desire to help you easily find and hire a reliable cleaning service! After a year trying every single cleaning company in Winnipeg as well as cleaning ourselves, we decided to create something for everyone!



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What Makes Us

What makes a cleaning company unique? You might say it’s how long it’s been in business or the size of the market that it serves. At Fresh and Green Cleaning, we believe that quality and trust makes the difference. Each day, we take every measure to ensure that you and your home are served in a manner that is safe, secure, and of the highest quality.


Every one of our employee receives training on how to deliver the best service.


Our services are designed to save you time so that you can relax and enjoy the finer things in life.


We're always available to talk with you and always welcome your feedback.


When you make an appointment with us, we always keep it.


We are committed to delivering quality services, on time and with a high attention to detail.


We take pride in treating you "our customer" the same way that we'd like to be treated.

Right Care Makes the Difference

You may have dealt with other home cleaning services before, but Fresh and Green’s cleaners are very different. Each and everyone of our cleaners is passionate about quality and takes pride in creating a beautiful space. In our ongoing effort to improve our service and your experience, we reach out to you for feedback and incorporate your input into our work.

The Customer is Always Right

At Fresh and Green, you are our focus. That’s because as a customer you drive everything we do. We hire the type of people that we want you to interact with, we only select cleaning products that you would use and we develop policies and procedures that ensure your full satisfaction.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the services that we’ve provided, we’ll do two things. We’ll come back to your home and make things right and make a commitment to you that you won’t experience the same issue ever again.

Going Green

Fresh and Green is proud to be an advocate of products that are safe for you and your family and made in an environmentally sustainable manner. All of the cleaning products that we use are eco-friendly and contain no harsh chemicals. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is not only limited to the products that we use. As we clean your space and property, we will recycle material that is fit to be recycled. While these efforts take us time and money, we feel that it is a worthwhile investment in your family, your health and our planet. 

What Customers Say

Based on 3 reviews
Megan Aleksi
Megan Aleksi
Efficient, professional, clean! Thank you!
Kneale Quayle
Kneale Quayle
They were well prepared, thorough, and paid attention to our requests. They were a pleasure to deal with.
Amazing cleaning job and for a reasonable price ! Would definitely recommend

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