Thorough Carpet Cleaning & Tile Cleaning In Winnipeg

Get professional floor cleaning done with the proper heavy-duty equipment.

Restore the freshness in your carpets and the shine in your tiles.

Carpet Cleaning For Businesses Or Home Move Ins/Outs

Do you have carpets that need an intense deep-clean and steam?

We use a powerful 3-stage vacuum machine that sanitizes and renews your carpet.

And because we take the time to suck out the excess moisture after a cleaning, your carpet will be dry and ready for use again after four or five hours.

Commercial Tile Cleaning

We help stores give their customers an attractive, enjoyable, and sanitary shopping experience.

Does your retail space need a proper, sparkling floor cleaning?

Our high-powered tile machine gets in and scrubs the grout lines, and then we wax the tiles until they shine like new.

Get an estimate for carpet or tile cleaning now!